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Oct 17, 2013

I’m writing on behalf of the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO that represents more than 85 affiliated unions, including, but not limited to, the Oregon School Employees Association, Oregon Nurses Association and teachers who live and work in your community.

We support this levy because renewing the school levy provides vital funding to allow Lake Oswego schools to continue the stellar reputation they have built over the years.

It’s important to note that this is a renewal of an existing levy, not an increase, and does not increase your tax rate.

The voters of this community have a history of supporting education and this is a chance to continue that support by voting to renew the school levy.

In the wake of unstable funding from the state in recent years and the fact that costs have continued to rise, a yes vote to renew this levy will continue the tradition of great schools and great communities in Lake Oswego.

Bob Tackett

Southwest Portland

Oct 17, 2013

Once again Lake Oswego schools have received outstanding ratings from the state.

This excellence is due, in part, to the financial support our schools receive from the community. In November we have the opportunity to renew the Lake Oswego school levy. As a parent of a daughter in Lake Oswego schools, I encourage all Lake Oswegans to vote yes on this measure.

The levy will continue the current property tax rate — it is not an increase. This money makes up 10 percent of the school district’s operating budget. If not continued, our public schools will experience a devastating blow — loss of teachers and programs and increased class sizes.

Strong schools increase the possibility that our children and our neighbors’ children will thrive. Smaller class sizes particularly benefit younger children. Art and music programs keep children engaged.

The recent economic downtown underscores the benefits of education; the unemployment rate among college graduates is substantially lower than among high school graduates. Lake Oswego’s reputation in preparing students for college is exemplary. Our district’s reputation encourages families to move here and supports strong property values. Ultimately, whether or not one has a child in the district, this levy is a win for all.

Linda Ganzini

Past president, Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

Lake Oswego

Oct 17, 2013

It is no accident that Lake Oswego schools are ranked among the highest in the state.

Yes, our schools have excellent leadership. Yes, our schools have outstanding teachers. Yes, our schools offer the programs that continually prepare students for the next steps in their young lives.

Did this happen by accident in years with decreasing state funding? No. It happened because concerned Lake Oswego residents supported the schools with their dollars, be it through levies or through the foundation. And this support of which I speak comes from not just parents of school-aged children, but scores of other Lake Oswego residents who not only see the value of excellent education, but how that translates to an economically vibrant city.

Of course I want my children to receive the best education possible. What parent wouldn’t? But I also want property values to stay strong, local businesses to thrive and the city of Lake Oswego to maintain its quality and integrity. A vote of yes to renew the Lake Oswego school levy will help maintain the quality that we have come to expect from our outstanding school district as well as provide other positive ripple effects throughout the city.

Sheri Richards

Lake Oswego

Oct 17, 2013

I graduated from Lake Oswego High School the year Measure 5 passed and moved back to Lake Oswego to provide my four children an excellent education. Despite Oregon’s funding challenges — one thing has remained consistent — Lake Oswego residents support our local schools. We have always understood the fundamental connection between our property values and the strength of our education system.

Working at Portland Community College, I see firsthand the impact of quality education at elementary and secondary levels and the desire of local businesses to have students prepared to thrive and compete in a global economy.

Here are two things you can do to help. First, please get your blue or black pen, find your favorite writing nook and fill in the yes box in support of the Lake Oswego school levy. Mail or drop off your ballot.

This doesn’t raise taxes, but provides critical funding for our children and maintains the strength of our community. Second, volunteer — we need folks willing to get the word out, plant a lawn sign and talk with neighbors about the importance of this vote. Information here:

Rob Wagner

Director of government relations, Portland Community College

Lake Oswego

Oct 17, 2013

Lake Oswego citizens again have the opportunity to renew the existing school levy, which directly supports the Lake Oswego School District’s continuing legacy of academic excellence. Our children, neighbors, friends and family all benefit from strong schools. Strong schools ultimately translate to superior property values and appreciation.

Please join me in renewing your support for the school levy by voting yes on Nov. 5.

Lois Moll

Lake Oswego

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