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Aug 31, 2013

Lake Oswego property values are directly tied to the stellar reputation of our schools. To maintain our reputation, we must renew our school levy.

The monetary support of the foundation and combined renewal of our local option school levy are critical in keeping Lake Oswego schools at the top in our state. New residents and growing families look at Lake Oswego as the place to enroll their children for a great education.

Being a graduate of Lakeridge High School and having two wonderful children, I looked at Lake Oswego being at the top of locations I wanted to reside in. As a foundation board member, it is critical to have the combined support of our school levy to continue the success of our state’s top school district.

Vote yes to renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego.

Troy Johnston

Lake Oswego

Aug 27, 2013

As a parent of a fifth- and a seventh-grader and former PTA president at Oak Creek Elementary, I know the deep impact this levy has on the education of Lake Oswego students. It accounts for approximately 11 percent of the school district’s funding and generates $6 million per year specifically for Lake Oswego schools. Most importantly, this is only a renewal of the current levy rate of $1.39 per $1,000 of assessed value, a rate that hasn’t changed since 2004. Even with increased state K-12 funding for the 2013-15 biennium and the school district’s efforts to curtail expenses, there will still be a revenue shortfall. That’s why renewing our local option school levy is absolutely essential to keeping class sizes low and providing the breadth of programs we want for our students. You should vote “yes” even if you don’t have children in the school district. Communities that spend money on local classrooms reap the benefit by attracting new families to the area, creating higher home values and protecting community livability.

Renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego.

Lisa Kolve

Lake Oswego

Aug 24, 2013

We moved to Lake Oswego for the schools and the community. We have two kids at Westridge Elementary School and want their education to continue at the same fabulous level we have become accustomed to. We love the smaller schools, enrichment activities, field trips and art programs they have been exposed to in our schools.

Voting yes to renew our existing school levy will not increase our taxes; it will keep them at the same level and continue to give the monetary assistance our schools need. Our city benefits from the outstanding rankings of our schools by the increase in our economy and property values from people wanting to live here in this wonderful community and to educate their children.

Please join us in voting yes to renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego.

Cindy and Kelly Stelk

Lake Oswego

Aug 19, 2013

It is time again for us to support the renewal of our Lake Oswego school levy to keep our schools strong. This levy must be renewed every five years. We will vote on the renewal in the Nov. 5 election.

A yes vote on Nov. 5 will continue the community support of our excellent Lake Oswego School District. This is a renewal of an existing levy, not an increase.

We all understand how important our schools are to our community. This is why we have passed this levy three times since 2000. Our home values are tied to our outstanding schools. The quality of our children’s education is certainly dependent on the renewal of this levy.

Our community is very lucky to have both the Lake Oswego School Foundation and the school levy to help fund our schools at the levels we have all grown to expect.

Please join us in voting yes on Nov. 5 to renew our school levy for a strong Lake Oswego.

Beth and Mitch Taylor

Lake Oswego

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