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Oct 17, 2013

Help maintain the quality of local schools

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It is no accident that Lake Oswego schools are ranked among the highest in the state.

Yes, our schools have excellent leadership. Yes, our schools have outstanding teachers. Yes, our schools offer the programs that continually prepare students for the next steps in their young lives.

Did this happen by accident in years with decreasing state funding? No. It happened because concerned Lake Oswego residents supported the schools with their dollars, be it through levies or through the foundation. And this support of which I speak comes from not just parents of school-aged children, but scores of other Lake Oswego residents who not only see the value of excellent education, but how that translates to an economically vibrant city.

Of course I want my children to receive the best education possible. What parent wouldn’t? But I also want property values to stay strong, local businesses to thrive and the city of Lake Oswego to maintain its quality and integrity. A vote of yes to renew the Lake Oswego school levy will help maintain the quality that we have come to expect from our outstanding school district as well as provide other positive ripple effects throughout the city.

Sheri Richards

Lake Oswego

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